New Website…

​Pierre Halé oil-painting self-portrait, 2018

Self-portrait, 2018

I have created a new website.


I started because I have been painting more figuratively lately and I need a fresh platform from which to reach out and expose my wares – up until recently, my work has been large, semi-figurative, grabbing paint tubes almost randomly and making it work.


I was doing this and loving it, but a new interest in drawing grabbed me – about three years ago, I got mildly obsessed with drawing again, as I had been as a kid – I even joined a life-drawing class. This led to an interest in more traditional aspects of Art, such as colour theory, figurative painting, etc.


I started painting landscapes a year ago and this led to painting my nephew, Jem, one day when the rain was just too severe – he said “why don’t you paint me?” I was hooked – nothing could compete with the thrill of portrait painting!