The Paint-stripper Bond…

Pierre HALE oil painting entitled Blue Figure.

Pierre HALE oil painting, ‘Blue Figure’.

‘Blue Figure’
Pierre HALE oil-on-canvas painting
39 x 32″ (100 x 81 cm) – SOLD
​Pierre Halé

I’m really pleased that this painting and the one below (‘Roses’) have gone to the same place – here’s why…

There I was, mid-nineties, in my Paris studio, admiring my work. But there were two same-size paintings that stood out in an unhappy way – they simply didn’t cut the mustard. Nothing connected these at this stage beyond the shortcomings.

I get quite destructive with paintings when things haven’t worked out (my motto is: when in doubt, destroy as it’s probably crap – although to be fair, destruction is my favourite painting method). So I poured a pool of paint-stripper over each and removed the offense – cleaned them up… a bit of paint here and there… bosh bosh… done, finished!

This often happens – most of what you see in a finished painting might have only taken 5 minutes, but that 5 minutes came on the end of one, two, or more years of frustration.

Anyway, in my mind, those two painting shared the same troubled upbringing and became united, so I’m glad they’ve ended up together.


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